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Tokuyama Zoo “Touch & Smell Animal Poo!”


Tokuyama Zoo (of Yamaguchi prefecture) has unveiled a new exhibit that will feature the droppings of its various inhabitants instead of the animals themselves, an utterly bizarre decision that should attract the bestio-scat fetishists and possibly a few others.

Tokuyama Zoo has openly advertised that attendees will be able to not only fondle the feces but deeply inhale their pungent aromas, with the zoo surprisingly preventing potential health hazards by disinfecting and varnishing the poop for safety.

13 different feces will be present, ranging from zebras to tortoises, each of which have also been rated using a special scale made by the zoo: with 5 being the most offensive smelling and 1 being the most pleasant – the zoo has stated that some of their samples do have a tolerable fragrance.

A feces-based mascot will apparently be making rounds at the zoo as well:


The “Unkoten” exhibit is open now and will persist until August 31st.

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