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Justin Bieber “Banned From Performing in China”


Despised western pop star Justin Bieber has been banned from performing in China, with the decision being due to his “bad behavior” – though the youth’s legion of haters likely wish the annoying celebrity was banned everywhere else in addition.

China was meant to serve as part of Bieber’s world tour (which has apparently been cancelled), but China’s culture ministry claimed that Bieber is a “controversial young foreign singer” that has caused public discontent due to his bad behavior; not alluding to any specific incidents but those following the vagrant singer (who aren’t besotted teenage girls) certainly know about his tendency to be intolerable.

Granted this isn’t the first time Bieber has accumulated a negative reputation outside of the west, with his past visit to Yasukuni shrine garnering much controversy; the ministry in any case concluded that Bieber will be let back in after cleaning up his act, but considering the youth’s age and tendencies, this may likely never happen.

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