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Nier: Automata Team Want Sequel


The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu Magazine has revealed that the development team behind the widely acclaimed Nier: Automata want to create a sequel for the renowned title, surely a profitable decision that will also appease the game’s gigantic fanbase.

An interview was held with producer Yosuke Saito, director Yoko Taro, game designer Takahisa Taura, composer Keiichi Okabe and character designer Asahiko Yoshida; the idea of a sequel was brought up:

Famitsu: Finally, would each of you please leave a message, after looking back at NieR: Automata?

Taura: As [a representative from] Platinum Games, we’re satisfied that we could finish it as a game with an uncommon atmosphere in a very good shape. I hope we can create a sequel as well as more new things.

Famitsu: So you have the desire for it.

Taura: I have a lot of desire for it. But not on the shooter part though.

Yoko: If we do make it, then please do [join us again]!

Saito: Yoko and I are going to make the request while being nervous again (laughs). It’s related to the current topic about Yoshida-san, but for my own work, it has been 99% done at this point where the members here have gathered. And we’re able to leave a mark behind so we’re glad about it, and we’re also very thankful to the fans that have supported it. If these members could gather once again, there may be a sequel getting made. To the point that I would think if even one of us were missing, we’d rather not do it.

In regards to a remake of the prequel:

Famitsu: How’s the possibility of a remake of the prequel?

Yoko: That would be up to Square Enix.

Saito: We don’t really know the actual degree of anticipation for it. So even if we were to do it, we would have to consider various things first. And when we’re actually doing it, we’d like Yoko-san to join the team, and add some extra features.

Yoko Taro also made a jab towards the server failures of his mobile game SINoALICE:

Famitsu: In 3 more years, the NieR series will be having its 10th anniversary.

Saito: I’d also like to do something for the 10th anniversary.

Yoko: Let’s release a rather crappy social game. Speaking of social games, there are so many people who have registered on SINoALICE. And when the server went down, I’m indirectly feeling how NieR: Automata has actually sold that much. And the after-effects would come here as well.

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