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Keijo “May Become An Actual Sport”


Fans of the sexy competitive anime that is Keijo – which revolves around a sport where women try to knock each other off a platform using their breasts and buttocks – have attempted to recreate the bizarre sport in real life, that is if feminists don’t prevent it in entirety due to it “objectifying women”.

The group of individuals trying to transform the anime into a real sport, Keijo Portugal, have modified the rules slightly to make the game safer and more realistic as it seems like it would be more painful in reality – the women in the pictures below can be seen wearing padding over their chests and behinds (obviating a natural advantage certain nations might possess in the process):






The event is still in its planning stages, but should the idea of women bumping their breasts and butts together manages to become popular, Keijo could very well become an official sport.

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