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Tourism PV Triggers: “Women Are Not Sex Objects!”




Controversy has once again emerged as seven women from the Miyagi prefectural assembly have demanded the governor of Japan’s northeastern prefecture to remove a promotional video meant to attract tourists, with the triggered women moaning that the video “portrays women as sex objects” in a desperate test of the dominance of their menfolk.

Boasting the talents of superhot-if-very-plastic actress Dan Mitsu, the video highlights various popular tourist hot spots and other renowned qualities of the region, many have been offended by the video’s more suggestive bits however, such as the zoom-up on Dan Mitsu’s salacious lips – with the depiction of a woman’s sex appeal apparently making her an immediate sex object.

The “inexcusable” PV, which has been bombarded with dislikes by feminists and their beta sympathisers (or possibly those who just think the prefecture has more to offer than just sexpot Mitsu):

The prefectural government however denied their demand, stating that the video will stay up due to the fact that it has also generated positive reactions, although the governor will still have to at least pretend to listen to their bleating.

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