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Final Fairy Tail Anime Slated For 2018


Following on the coattails of a previous announcement, Fairy Tail creator Mashima Hiro announced via Twitter that the final season of the Fairy Tail anime is slated to air sometime in 2018, yet more depressing news for diehard fans of the franchise.

While the beloved manga ever so slowly heads towards its finale, fans should be reminded that Mashima Hiro stated that he is “not done” with Fairy Tail and that he has several plans that fans should look forward to – what exactly those plans are have not been revealed.

The franchise’s previous anime, Fairy Tail Zero, aired back in 2016 and acted as a precursor to the main series; the final Fairy Tail film – Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry – will also soon be making its way to 300 theaters in the west (both with English subtitles and a separate English dub version) in August.

How long this season is meant to last has not been mentioned, but fans now need only wait until 2018.

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