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Nintendo Switch ROMs Out – “Crack Imminent!?”


Hardcore homebrew site GBATemp has revealed that the first ROMs for the Nintendo Switch are available, astonishing many as to how quick it was this time around – although they currently cannot be played on a Switch and no emulator exists either.

The “developers” have still made sure to provide their obligatory anti-piracy message:

“Please be mindful when posting in threads that we do not, under any circumstances condone piracy, and will not facilitate he spreading of illegal ROM files, or any other kind of warez.”

A list of the games currently released:

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Has Been Heroes
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Lego City Undercover

Naturally, sites have been bursting with opinions on both sides of the fence:

“Piracy is always good because it boosts sales numbers (of consoles, not games).”

“Bad news, piracy is always bad (Actually Piracy delayed IOSU Exploit release in the Wii U scene).”

“If you try to convince people that piracy is bad on GBAtemp, I’m sorry to say you’re only wasting your time fam.”

“I can’t believe the people who did this, piracy is gonna end the switch I’m so ashamed of this toxic community sometimes, another PSP situation smh. If were lucky piracy will happen after the gen is over so my friend Nintendo wont suffer from lost sales. Can’t imagine all the third party publishers looking at this thread right now already dropping switch support.”

“PSP did great before and after piracy. If a system is good, it will still sell software regardless of piracy.”

“Piracy is bad. You shouldn’t pirate. If you do it, you’re bad, because piracy is bad, m’kay. It’s a bad thing to pirate, so don’t be bad by pirating, m’kay, that’d be bad.”

“Uh… on one side it’s bad and on the other it’s good because it teaches techniques. Also, if it was used as a good thing, security levels would probably be already much better than right now.”

“I hope this opens the emulation floodgates. 4K Switch games here we come.”

“Why is Nintendo so bad at security?”

“Switch is going to be region-locked next month cuz of this shit.”

“Man that’s brutal it’s all happened so fast.”

“Hmm. Thinking about it, hopefully this could open up the doors to some fan translations, too.”

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