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Kingdom Hearts III “Lets You Play With Toys”




The oft ridiculed Kingdom Hearts franchise has revealed that Toy Story will be a playable world in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, shocking few since there are only so many Disney/Pixar films while additionally reinforcing the game’s rather infantile theme.

The extensive trailer, which insists on delivering more of its hammy speeches about dreams and hearts and such:

Kingdom Hearts III will makes its way to the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Too late. Way too late. When you grow older you realise Disney is like suggar. You can’t get enough as a kid but as an adult the overkill sweetness makes you almost puke. The same with Disney. And I’m no teenager anymore, aswell. The people these franchise aims at. Kingdom Hearts has nothing to offer to me anymore. Would be a different story if the protagonist would have grown and the story would become more serious (death, sex, becoming a father) but that would mean they care about their fans. The real fans of the first hour. But they clearly don’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      You say it as if disney was appealing in the first place, as a child, when given alternatives in fair competition, personally only disliked WB cartoons more.

      This was way before finding out all the truly evil tier dodgy shat disney corp is up to internally and externally, not to mention the perhaps billions of brainwashed folks.

      Both disney and WB also happens to be in MPAA too, not really being creative or making anything much anymore, but fcking the internet and IP rights up through lobbying and thought policing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong, go and dive into 3 right after 2 without knowing what happened on those “side-stories” and tell me how you fare, without those you don’t know more then half the characters, what the villains want, what the heroes are trying to prevent, hell, you don’t even know who the main bad guy even is.

      • Anonymous says:

        he probably knows, just doesn’t care anymore. square always hesitates and delivers too late for anyone to care. it wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t cash grabbing in between with remasters, creating a bunch of canon lore on platforms that hardcore fans don’t have, and continuing story points in games with game play mechanics that aren’t even close to the original’s.

        for example, i saw a friend playing a kingdom hearts game on a hand held device, but it was a card game, somehow. then there is some new characters that i have seen fan art for. i’ve seen, like some zack looking character and a blue haired woman who seem like some kind of senior keyblade drill instructors.

        i don’t know nothing about that, but now the lore is spread out to include these games i paid no attention to, so now it’s like other games that disrespected their own franchise for funzees, and the core fans are in a catch 22 of either playing it but being lost the whole time or doing homework playing games they’re not interested in.

        since both are a pain in the ass, the proper response i would expect is nothing less than, “that’s cool, i guess.”

        • Anonymous says:

          Anyone that is interested in series can get the story for the whole series on the PS4 with the KH 1.5/2.5 bundle and KH 2.8, and KH3 when it comes out. So what you are talking about isn’t an issue anymore.

          And even before that, what you are talking about was barely an issue anyway. The only games that had important information that were not explained in Kingdom Hearts 2, was the prequel, Birth by Sleep for the PSP, and the sequel to KH2, Dream Drop Distance for the 3ds since rather than being basically filler arcs like the rest of the handheld games, they were more main games. So given all that, it wasn’t like anyone had to go far to play all of the main stuff, especially given the time between the games. All you needed was a PS2, a PSP, and more recently, a 3ds, none of which would have broke the bank or anything, and wouldn’t have been something to only play KH games on anyway since all 3 systems had/have plenty of fantastic games on them.