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Homeless Tracker “Like Pokemon Go But With Hobos!”


Homeless people have been equipped with tracking devices for the latest project of one Danish “artist”, allowing people to purchase said homeless and observe where they are at any time – part of some “grand scheme” to raise awareness on homelessness in the United Kingdom.

Von Hornsleth, the project’s creator, paid about 10 homeless men and women to take their photographs and to put a tracker on them, allowing anyone to observe their movements, which Hornsleth himself has compared to the likes of Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi.

A quote from Hornsleth about his Homeless Tracker:

“It fuses homelessness, privacy invasion, inequality and reality TV, with present day cultural decadence and interactive conceptual art. This project is a comment on this society as a whole. We can put a man on the moon, but in Britain you can’t get men off the streets. I’m privatizing the homeless. It’s absurd, and it’s just a mirror of the world.”

Not at all a stranger to making such controversial projects, Hornsleth’s previous work involved providing aid for 100 impoverished African villagers at the expense of them all changing their name to “Hornsleth”, which he himself labeled as “an ethical boundary-smashing work”.

A video covering the “art project”:

Each homeless person can be purchased for £24,989, though how the proceeds will be distributed is not clear – golden portraits of their homeless person will however be granted to buyers:




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