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Mizuryuu Kei Land Ero-Anime PV Utterly Shameless




An immensely sexy PV for upcoming ero-anime adaptation “Mizuryuu Kei Land” (based on the ridiculous ero-manga “Oideyo! Mizuryuu Kei Land” by the revered Mizuryuu Kei) has been unleashed, overflowing with lewd humor and sex appeal as the series revolves around a sex-centric amusement park and looking likely to appease hardcore fetishists.

The PV can be observed via the ever convenient channel.

In addition to the ero-anime, an erotic visual novel is also in production entitled “Mizuryuu Kei Land ~Kazoku to Sukebe na Theme Park~”; a PV can be seen below:

The ero-anime will possess two episodes, with the first coming out on August 25th and the 2nd on September 29th; the delightful visual novel is set to launch on July 28th.

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