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Switch Bending “May Appear in Official Nintendo Video”


A preview image for an upcoming episode of the Minecraft series by comedy duo Yoiko on the official Nintendo channel has been stirring up attention due to a bent Nintendo Switch apparently being visible, yet another problem that several buyers have been experiencing with their Switch and adding onto its ever growing list of aggravating (if largely minor) issues.

The bending issue first came to light months ago when numerous owners starting posting images of their Nintendo Switch being in a slightly bent state, possibly due to overheating:





Comedy group Yoiko (consisting of Arino of Game Center CX and Masaru Hamaguchi) have tweeted a preview image of an upcoming episode, though many believe that the Switch present in the image may in fact also be suffering from this warping issue:





Other believe otherwise – noting that the “bend” is miniscule and may actually be due to the distortion of the camera; the first episode of the series which debuted back in June (there will supposedly be 12 episodes total):

Japanese gamers don’t seem all that impressed either way:

“So they have been bending after all?”

“It is definitely bent!”

“Switch to PS4!”

“The line you drew itself is not straight. Are you an idiot?”

“Thanks Nintendo…”

“The Switch isn’t worth ¥40,000, no way…”

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