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Nintendo Switch Battery “100% to 0% in 2 Minutes!”


The Nintendo Switch has apparently been giving many buyers a bizarre battery issue, with the battery supposedly going from 100% down to 0% in as little as two minutes – though for some, this is merely a display problem as they can then continue playing for hours despite being at 0 charge.

Both Japanese buyers and western barbarians have been experiencing the frustrating issue, with some discovering Nintendo’s support page to actually be somewhat helpful, while others have been forced to send their Switch in for repairs – either way the issue has caused numerous inconveniences for many customers.

Some videos depicting westerners suffering from the problem:

A video was also unveiled a while back compiling all the problems that several people had with the system at launch:

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  • Anonymous says:

    I remember when Nintendo made good shit that wasn’t rushed and didn’t break. Then Xbawks came out and suddenly everyone wants to copy them and make fragile junk and piles of bargain bin games.

    I guess that’s what happens when games go mainstream. “500 million people are gamers now? Hot damn, we don’t even need to make good ones anymore!”

  • Anonymous says:

    The switch is a hastily put together prototype, they probably wanted to test the waters

    It has obviously not been properly tested (evidenced by the left joycon sync problems that are solved by adding a piece of conductive foam)

    Not even the mounting method into the dock seems to have been well tested going by the scratching issues many had

    The tear downs reveal that the console has a LOT of connectors inside, all of which can shift, corrode, not seat correctly or not have been soldered correctly and can cause some of these problems.

    That is why, if i wanted to buy a switch, i would wait until they do a hardware revision, let others beta test and enjoy the glitches

    • Anonymous says:

      “evidenced by the left joycon sync problems that are solved by adding a piece of conductive foam”

      How, exactly, is it evidenced via this? Not all parts for things are made in the same place, you know. That’s why the 3DS can have dual IPS screens or dual TN screens, or a combination of the two.

      That’s what the Joycon was… One of their manufacturers fucked up. That’s why not everyone was experiencing it. Some of them had it there already.

  • Esfruj Esfifurz says:

    You probably just need to calibrate it. Charge it until it’s full, leave it charged for 2 hours, discharge it, leave it for 2 hours, then charge it again until it’s full.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lithium polymer packs are dangerous, as some laptop owners and samsung have experienced.

        The packs have a dedicated micro-controller that keeps track of the charge, age, current limits, temperatures, etc to keep it “safe”

        If the protection circuitry is a piece of shit and allows the battery pack to go low enough to stop working correctly, it can in fact lose track of the charge and other variables.

        So batteries that have been completely drained can actually need calibrating

  • Anonymous says:

    SC, y u h8 nintendo so much? If I go back and read every nintendo related article it’s almost entirely scorn and pessimism.

    This is most likely a firmware issue. It’ll probably get patched out in like, 2 weeks tops.

    And that last video is pretty famous, but it’s like the only video. Showing a handful of defective units out of millions. The only “bad launch” this system had was the part where the supply can’t keep up with demand.

      • Anonymous says:

        Except that switch longevity is a completely different matter. One game of note every 3 months doesn’t sound very convincing in the long run. They release Mario Odyssey, then they release a pokemon game, a metroid game, then they announce a yoshi game, a kirby game, a wario game… you see the pattern? Again, third party support has already stopped. Switch will suffer the same fate as Wii U. It just had a better start.

        • Anonymous says:

          They’ve been releasing a “game of note once” every month and a half or so since it released and seem to plan to continue to do so for the rest of the year at least (and if they’re as smart as they’re making themselves look so far, they’ll continue at it).

          March – BotW.
          April – MK8 DX.
          June – ARMS.
          July – Splatoon 2.
          August – Sonic Mania/ Mario + Rabbids
          September – Pokkén DX/NBA 2K18/Dragonball Xenoverse 2 (which also contains all of Xenoverse content for this Switch version).
          October – SM Odyssey .

          And this is just the stuff we know an exact date for. WWE 2K18, Fifa 18 and more are coming as well at some as yet undecided date. Not to mention all the other third part stuff people like to ignore in the indies. Naming them “Nindies” doesn’t mean Nintendo made them they’re still 3p.

          I mean sure, I don’t want MK8 DX, Splatoon 2, the August games or the sports save WWE but my opinion of them doesn’t mean they’re not games of note just like yours doesn’t.

        • Anonymous says:

          It doesn’t need to catch up because Nintendo quite obviously isn’t even trying to.

          It’s a Nintendo handheld with limited console capability. 3DS has sold 66 million units just as a handheld and once they start releasing other versions of the Switch as they are always wont to do to their handhelds there’s no reason to assume they won’t see similar numbers.

          Will it have all of the so-called triple A games? Of course not, but it doesn’t need them because it’s not in competition with the systems that will.

          It’ll have it’s own set of games made for it just like the 3DS.