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Neptunia “Could Come to the Switch”


A recent interview had with Neptunia illustrator Tsunako and producer Naoko Mizuno has revealed the direction that the Neptunia franchise may go in the west, with the franchise’s transition to the Nintendo Switch apparently going to be determined by how much fans want it.

The question and answer regarding the Switch, which also indicated that a new character could possibly be coming:

“AL: With the release of the Nintendo Switch, would there be a chance that a new character will join the main cast of characters? Also, would we see Neptunia on the console hybrid in the future?

NM: It would be great if we hear feedback from our fans letting us know if they’d like to see Neptunia on the Switch, then it might be realized. In terms of characters, we may see a new character down the line: you’ll just have to see.”

A question regarding whether or not the new virtual reality based Neptunia VIIR will be coming to the west was also thrown their way:

“AL: So would you like to see Neptunia VIIR in the west?

NM: We feel like the fans are looking forward to it. So if we can, we will.”

Hyperdimension Neptunia has managed to grow in popularity in the west over the years (likely due to some particularly one-sided criticisms thrown toward the disturbingly sexualized series), so it is not surprising that the upcoming Neptunia VIIR could potentially come stateside as well – and possibly without censorship too.

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