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Old Maid Girl “VR Makes Anything Perverted”




The latest virtual reality experience has arrived in the form of “Old Maid Girl“, which strays away from exciting concepts like fighting vicious monsters and traveling through space to instead allow players to play old maid with an anime girl, the most ardent desire of healthy men everywhere.

While the game will help those that desperately want to play old maid but don’t have a partner, it also lets players angle their view and in-game body however they like, adding a perverse level of interactivity to what would have been a nice clean game of cards – fortunately such players are all pure of heart.

A PV of the game, featuring the cute girl wearing some pajamas:

Lonelier individuals in possession of an HTC Vive can also access an augmented reality mode, making their charming opponent appear in the real world for an added level of depth and intimacy:



Old Maid Girl can be purchased via Steam come July 17th, additional costumes may be available in the future as DLC.

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