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Super Mario Odyssey Caters to Casuals “No Game Overs!”


A recent revelation unleashed for the next entry into Mario’s adventure, Super Mario Odyssey, has prompted negative reactions from critics as it has been revealed that no matter how many times players die, they will never get a game over – once again reinforcing Nintendo’s known tendency of catering toward the ever incapable casual crowd and young children.

This revelation however had been predicted by many as a myriad of Nintendo games (or at least their main IPs) in the past few years have been made significantly easy (or allowing them to simply skip entire levels) in order to appease impatient millennials; the Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account showed off this new “mechanic” (or lack thereof):


Upon death, players will merely lose 10 coins (and possibly be brought back to a spawn point of some sort) much like Sonic the Hedgehog, though naturally many are hoping that Nintendo are not looking toward the franchise for inspiration – Super Mario Odyssey will launch for the Nintendo Switch on October 27th.

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