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Hajimete no Gal “Fellatio” Masks Trigger Feminists


In an attempt to hype the upcoming debut of Hajimete no Gal, various special goods have been handed out in Akihabara by girls dressed as characters from the series, though the most memorable item may perhaps be the “fellatio masks” – which unsurprisingly triggered quite a few Japanese feminists with their lewd design.

The cute cosplay girls and the “highly offensive” mask:







A few of the inflammatory comments disgruntled feminists have tweeted in retaliation:

“They treat the characters from shonen manga like this, with such sordid goods? Anime otaku are joke complaining about discrimination against men!”

“Distributing that awful stuff to creepy otaku in a public place? You’re kidding me Kadokawa”

“This is the worst!”

“It seems like they are distributing these bizarre heads for the purpose of fellatio? Shame on them.”

“How dare they distribute such sexually exploitative goods by the hands of women!”

The immensely sexy Hajimete no Gal will air its first episode on July 12th.

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