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Anime Condoms “Only Line Up If You Intend to Use Them!”



In honor of the upcoming broadcast of Koi to Uso, free condoms adorned with the faces of the girls from the anime were being given out at select distributors in Akihabara, with the demand being so high that staff apparently began to request that only those intending to actually use them (and hopefully with an actual willing human partner) should get in line.

The bizarre event attracted hundreds of “comers”, causing staff to become concerned over the limited supply of condoms available as they shouted to those in the queue, “only line-up if you actually intend to use the condoms!” – a rather hopeless request considering the contempt with which so many of the queue likely hold 3D girls in the first place.

Photos depicting the staggeringly long queues and the condoms themselves, which were being handed out by some rather attractive women:






Supposedly staff later altered this request by instead shouting “only line-up if you actually intend to use the condoms, even if you’re going to use them by yourself”.

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