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HKT48 Stalker “Tailed Idols Home”


Another grotesque idol otaku unable to contain his desires has been arrested for stalking one of HKT48’s widely loved if largely indistinguishable idols, presumably having purchased the car for the purpose of better stalking his prey…

The 44-year-old man slowly drove by the home of one of HKT48’s idols in Fukuoka on at least 4 different occasions in May and June, stating “I thought that if I passed nearby I would have a chance to meet her”.

The unnamed idol’s family apparently spotted and reported that the stalker was also stealing garbage that they had left in front of their home (with one of the trash items stolen being an airline ticket stub with the idol’s name on it).

It has also recently been revealed that this disturbed stalker was tracking a second HKT48 member; when questioned by police, the criminal divulged that he learned his first victim’s address by following a car that she was in, a modus operandi he apparently used to track at least one other idol to her residence.

Charged with violating Japan’s spottily applied anti-stalker laws, police are attempting to determine whether or not additional charges are applicable should he actually have been stalking one or more additional HKT members too…

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