Tecmo Koei are attempting to make a foothold in the virtual reality craze with a special “VR Sense” cabinet that they plan to release at arcades this summer throughout Japan, once again establishing that virtual reality is finally becoming a more common medium for the gaming industry.

The VR Sense is a machine that entirely encapsulates the player, using every inch of the device as a means of altering “all 5” of the player’s senses to make them think they are actually within the game – though a headset is still worn whilst inside this “miracle” of modern technology.

The VR Sense machine:


The titles that Tecmo Koei will be releasing; the games will also soon be sold as PlayStation VR titles in the future:

Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense:


Ultra Samurai Coaster:


G.I. Jockey Sense:


Horror Sense: Daruma-san ga Koronda:


Ultra Dynasty Warriors:


Other titles are also being developed; the VR Sense will make its way to Japanese arcades this August.


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