Shigeru Miyamoto “We Want to Make Anime!”


Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed his desire to produce anime and other such video content for Nintendo franchises during Nintendo’s 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, no doubt a highly anticipated development amongst fans as well since the last animated Nintendo show seems to have been quite some time ago.

The question asked by a shareholder at the meeting and the responses made by Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima and Shigeru Miyamoto:

Shareholder: Regarding product video, are there any plans to bring back past content like Kirby anime on BD, or old games on DD for console/mobile?

Kimishima: We’ll look into investing toward film. We want to increase opportunities for Nintendo IP and guide consumers with hardware = software synergy. Regarding Kirby, we’ll take your valuable opinion into consideration.

Miyamoto: We hold the Kirby IP and it’s growing in Europe. It’s selling in Spain; watched in places without game hardware. We want to make anime for Pikmin, Star Fox, Yoshi, etc. and distribute it freely, or integrate into games.

While Nintendo have already made some brief animated shorts for their games over the past few years, an entirely animated series with multiple episodes could very well help them generate more revenue – some of the animations that Nintendo has released:

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