Erina Kamiya Death Threat Otaku Busted


The deranged otaku who left death threats on the blog of Kamen Joshi idol Erina Kamiya has been apprehended by authorities, who seem to be taking their responsibilities slightly more seriously of late…

February 7th was the day in which the 32-year-old man posted his “sickening” death threats on the blog of Erina Kamiya, with his words apparently being so harmful that the 25-year-old woman revealed the incident in a press conference whilst in tears, naturally making some wonder whether the coddling given to these “precious goddesses” is turning them into overly sensitive princesses unable to cope with the realities of life, let alone minor celebrity…

Threats ranged from “If you graduate [leave your group], you will be killed” to “Since you are not qualified to live, you will have to die”, all of which were delivered by a relatively op-sec aware otaku who utilized overseas providers and software to prevent himself from being caught – though police eventually managed to find the heinous criminal.

Trauma inflicted to Erina from the event made her question whether or not she wanted to continue working as an idol (despite already being over-the-hill by the industry’s standards at the age of 25), though in the least she can rest assured knowing the man is now in police custody and faces a fine of ¥200,000.

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