Death End Re;Quest “A Virtual Reality MMORPG”


Previously teased with a rather odd “fake” trailer, Compile Heart have finally announced their new upcoming game “Death end re;Quest”, bound to generate curiosity and anticipation as the title will apparently be a virtual reality themed MMORPG – though not the type that most are likely expecting…

Famitsu’s latest issue unveiled the grandiose announcement and explained that the title revolves around a programmer being trapped within a discontinued virtual reality MMORPG (it has not been confirmed if Death end re;Quest is an actual MMORPG or will be compatible with VR), which has naturally caused many to draw comparisons to the .Hack and Sword Art Online franchises.

Players will be tasked with defeating ill-tempered bugs via a turn-based combat system and aiding a game director who went missing after becoming trapped in the MMORPG, with players apparently also being able to change the genre of battles in entirety.

Death end re;Quest is being developed for the PS4 and it has been stated that the game is nearly 50% complete; an exact launch date has yet to be announced.

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