Ota Busted at Keyakizaka46 Event “I Wanted to Kill Her”


Another idol handshaking event has gone awry as an attendee has been arrested for possessing a knife and igniting a flare, thankfully paling in comparison to semen handshakes and saw mutilations but a disturbing tale nonetheless.

Held at the Makuhari Messe venue in Chiba City in honor of a CD release, the handshaking event (unfortunately) turned out hotter than anticipated after the local fire department had to be called due to a fire caused by an ignited flare, which apparently was lit by the now apprehended suspect and tossed at one of the handshaking lines.

When the suspect (a 24-year-old unemployed man from Sapporo City) was arrested for violating “firearms” laws, he was discovered to have a paring knife on his person and also admitted that he intended to harm one of the idol group’s members – the idol’s name has been withheld by police – stating “I wanted to stab and kill her”.

A short video covering the incident:


No one was harmed during the incident and the event continued on as if nothing ever happened, with the incidence of idol related violence still not quite high enough to trigger anything so rash as bag searches or other security measures…

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