Kamigokuto: Mary Skelter “Uncensored in Australia!?”


Occasionally naughty RPG Kamigokuto: Mary Skelter has been revealed to be launching in the ban-heavy country of Australia uncensored, a truly unexpected event since similar titles suffered heavily in the same territory…

The Australian Ratings Board has been notorious for refusing to classify games (or outright banning them) in the past due to either their extreme violence, slight sexual content or other “child-harming” subjects, thus this turn of events has naturally bewildered many and others are suspecting it to be some sort of hoax or oversight.

The incident came to light after a Twitter user pointed out that the sexy game made an appearance on the Australian Ratings Board’s classifications page, which declared Mary Skelter as the highest possible rated game (R18+) mostly due to its sexual content, but allowing it to be sold in the restrictive country nonetheless.

Past games that have been refused classification are sometimes resubmitted after having been thoroughly censored in an attempt to appease Australia’s censors, resulting in the version on its classifications page being changed to “modified” – however, Mary Skelter’s page still states “original”.

This has led some to believe that the developers may have possibly censored the game before actually submitting it, though considering Idea Factory’s previous statements in regards to censorship, this does not seem likely…

Kamigokuto: Mary Skelter will launch for the Vita in the west on August 31st.

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