Chinese Human Embroidery Trend “Absolutely Twisted”


A popular Chinese trend of the more self-harming variety (as opposed to harming others) has been earning the disgust of many online as it revolves around “human embroidery”, where individuals will sew or stitch parts of their body with thread and apply other accessories such as beads – proving to be not only macabre but highly unsanitary.

Users of Chinese social media site Weibo have been recently posting pictures showing off patterns embroidered onto their own skin, immediately prompting the media to warn parents about the dangers of this fashion trend, as it can cause a bacterial infection or virus and can possibly lead to septicaemia.

The Weibo page for “People’s Daily” stated that this trend is apparently becoming a common practice amongst the younger generation, additionally providing a few images of the grotesque skin embroidery:







Naturally many have found this fashion statement gruesome and others have described it as self-mutilation (leaving aside the common acceptance of earrings and piercing), and some are claiming that Tokyo Ghoul has been the cause of this trend due to character Juuzou Suzuya possessing this same style of human embroidery.

While Tokyo Ghoul is officially banned in China (along with a handful of other “sinful” anime), such anime and manga have still proven popular amongst the Chinese, with the fact of it being forbidden likely only provoking people even more into trying to get it.

An internet game known as “Blue Whale” (where participants are given daily tasks, many of which require self-mutilation) has also been blamed as an instigator for this twisted trend, with searches for the term soaring, and if the recent controversies it has generated elsewhere are anything to go by, it will soon be even more of an issue…

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