Hot New Chinese Toy “Miniature Crossbows…?”



The latest craze gripping children in China – likely due to its pure destructive qualities – has been revealed to be none other than a mini-crossbow, one that functions so well that the toy has already been banned from sale in Chengdu and looks set to make China’s one-child population also a largely one-eyed one…

The toy (which has been selling from $1.46 to $14.62 and can be smaller than 10cm in size) utilizes toothpicks as its ammunition source, but can propel them at such high speeds that they can supposedly pop balloons and penetrate cardboard, whilst using a metal needle can apparently even crack glass.

Some videos of the crossbow “toy”:





Concerned parents have naturally demanded the government ban the toy due to how dangerous and fun it is, leading to a ban in Chengdu whilst other areas (such as Hunan) are making do with mere warnings to the populace: “We hope teachers and parents can provide guidance to students so such dangerous toys will not cause physical injuries.”


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