Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tutorial Lunges Forth




Preparing for its upcoming PS4 launch, Square Enix have released a special tutorial video teaching players how to play the 3-on-3 fighting game that is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, thoroughly explaining various concepts such as Bravery, HP attacks and more – simultaneously helping beginners and luring in potential buyers.

The tutorial video:

Fighting game enthusiasts can expect Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s arrival early next year for PS4.

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  • Anonymous says:

    A shame this is a ps4 exclusive, I’d love to play it anywhere on the Switch & enjoy local or online multiplayer. Such a waste to have Square-Enix become SOny’s bitch. Final Fantasy started on Nintendo & there’s a large number or us Nintendo fans eagerly awaiting the series to return to Nintendo’s open arms. Hopefully they at least port/improve the psp versions & bring them to 3DS. Arena fighting in full 3D? HELL YES!!!รท

      • Anonymous says:

        Considering it’s selling better than the ps vita ever did & is a huge success it wouldn’t surprise me to see a port of this (or the psp version) at some point. You go ahead & keel yourself chained to your TV, I’ll play & enjoy console games wherever the hell I want. Both Microsoft & sony have taken notice of the success of the Switch…but a Psycho SOny Crony like you wouldn’t know since you never look up from playstation.

        • Anonymous says:

          True, but it shows people have interest in games like this on the Switch. Also don’t use such desperate biased logic as it can be easily turned back in your face. The ps2 & ps4 can fall under the same surcomstances, if the Switch were selling poorly then yeah there’d be no chance…but it’s actually selling so well that Nintendo is surpassing SOny. Read it & Weeb bitch.


          So yeah before you start showing how insecure you are just remember I never said it had to be a Nintendo exclusive. People don’t want to be forced to buy a ps3.5 just to enjoy games that SOny doesn’t own or make themselves. And after the Bayonetta 2 hate fiasco that you Psycho SOny Cronies did to Nintendo & Platinum Games it really pissed a lot of people off & made them decide to no longer support SOny anymore.