Yet Another Final Fantasy XIV Documentary Emerges




Massively popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is set to deliver yet another documentary about the game’s creation, this time focusing on the game’s initially poor performance, closure and then re-release as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – which may immediately remind some about the game’s previous copy/paste design and limited playing time.

A lengthy trailer for the upcoming documentary:

The first part of the documentary is also available now:

The next part of the documentary will be released on June 26th followed by the final part on June 28th.

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  • Anonymous says:

    While the graphics sucked, gameplay and a lot of aspects were just better before ARR. Like harvesting, they were based on the skill of doing the mini games, the better you did the rarer the materials. They took the mini games out so its fairly boring.

    Then the ability to create and design your own follower, now its just the chocobo.

    • Anonymous says:

      FFXIV was a costly disaster for Square Enix. They’ve likely spent 10s of millions of dollars getting the game to a playable state aka Realm Reborn. All because they got greedy and released a half arsed game.

      Anyone around during the release window of FFXIV would agree. Credit to them for allowing people to play for free during the interim period, but that alone would have people thinking twice before buying another FF online game at launch.

      • Anonymous says:

        1.0 was mostly plagued by technical and development issues. Otherwise it had much more refreshing direction than the Realm Reborn’s “Lets clone WoW” crap. Sadly the damage was already done, and they just hurt their pre-successor XI’s population.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well personally, this “Single player online game” formula is what killed any hope in MMO genre for me. It’s pretty ridiculous in XIV you even have to disband your party to do some main quest. The game lacks serious depth and ends up with the “collect X tomes per week to get new gear” cycle. The video is also irony how it references ultima online, but the new game has nothing that ultima online did. It’s sad, since XI was very good game until they disrupted the population with XIV and every major LS ended up breaking up, XI got new staff and it’s completely different game than it was before (with ILVLs and crap).

        • Anonymous says:

          Honestly calling it a “clone” would not be right. It may be better to recognise that WoW set a precedent and standard for large MMOs of similar large world exploration types to come. It’s a formula that works, can be improved on, changed around, or adapted to different concepts. In fact if we go back, Runescape set a lot of standards of it’s own as well. Of course there are many out there that don’t follow this structure but for the same reason Overwatch is actually nothing like CoD, Battlefield, or Half Life. They’re just different parts of the same genre with their own sub categories.

  • Anonymous says:

    they should make a documentary about the phantasy star online series

    start by interviewing the devs about classic pso, dreamcast through gamecube and xbox versions to blue burst.
    then move into the mistakes of phantasy star universe which would be interesting to hear from a developer’s perspective.
    the improvements of phantasy star portable 2.
    and finish with the success of phantasy star online 2.
    and maybe shed some light on the mysterious hold up of the announced but still not officially cancelled western release.