JC Geiger Groper Busted: “I Read About it in Manga!”


A man claiming to be a “radiation inspector” has once again been arrested for molesting the child of a random residence he targeted, certain to infuriate the internet’s easily agitated denizens for not only his crimes but the fact that he used manga as a scapegoat…

The 35-year-old man managed to fool a Saitama middle school girl (who he made sure was alone before making his move) by telling her that he was a “radiation inspector”, with the gullible girl allowing thim inside her home, at which point he threatened to kill her if she yelled whilst he went about forcibly fondling her.

Police believe the criminal is responsible for the molestation of at least 20 young girls from 2014 to March of this year, with his first arrest being for a similar case where he used the same excuse to gain access into the girl’s home.

Admitting to his crimes and being charged with indecent assault, the pervert told police that he was apparently “inspired” by an adult manga involving a person pretending to be a radiation inspector and had a sick desire to imitate it – no doubt forcing yet more blame and hatred toward the (relatively) innocent otaku community.

Authorities apparently sought out the creator of the adult manga in an attempt to find a way to prevent further crimes, which makes almost as little sense as trying to eradicate the world’s supply of gullible little girls or releasing unreformed sex offenders back into the community – though at least ero-manga fans will immediately know who is being blamed when their favorite author inexplicably begins including weird disclaimers about not actually raping little girls in emulation of the story.

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