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Deodorant CMs Indescribably Awkward




The latest in odd Japanese creations has arrived courtesy of Kao’s series of deodorant commercials, all of which depict the viewer getting into a rather “sweat-inducing” situation with a pretty girl in order to lure Japan’s hordes of lonely NEETs, otaku, herbivores and beta salarymen into purchasing the hygiene item (and possibly serving as their first purchase of such an item).

A gratuitous amount of the deodorant CMs:

Body odor is likely the least of the problems such men face, unfortunately…

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  • Anonymous says:

    At least Japan hasnt been taken over by passive aggressive feminist social justice warrior liberals, that’s all our commercials are now in the U.S.

    One deodorant commercial shows two women passive aggressively back talking their boss in an elevator when he’s not there, with one girl with her arms raised cause of her pit sweat, if she has to do that then the deodorant isnt working.

    Then a gum commercial with a bride leaving the groom at the alter and the narator goes “he’s got the cash, he’s got the car, he’s got the job, but he doesnt have you.” like shes getting a one up on men by being a bitch

    • Anonymous says:

      Try living outside your country before making dumbass assumptions based on what you’ve seen from various media. Like you edgelords bitch about people acting like special snowflakes and make blanket statements but don’t take it beyond the scope of your own? Think about it.