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AM2R had some flaws, like the Metroid counter only showing Metroids in the area as opposed to all Metroids. It kind of takes away the “I’m fucked” moment at the end, where the counter increases for the first time in the original game, as you see new laid eggs.

But, this being Nintendo, I’m sure they fuck it up. Their choice of 3DCG is a huge red flag, anyway. They should’ve just used the engine from Metroid III, that one was awesome as fuck.

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    Except for the very first Zelda, no Zelda was open world until fairly recently. Most of them didn’t even bother with the illusion of open world. Like OoT. Go to this tree, get some stone. Than go to this mountain, to get some other stone. Now go inside this fish, to get yet another fucking stone. And if your done doing all this, go to these places in this order (though, some variation is possible if you know what you’re doing) to get some other random stuff you need to unlock the final boss. …

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