New Atari Console “Ataribox” in the Works


The (somehow) still existing Atari has announced that its previous teaser (that numerous individuals may have glossed over) is in fact announcing a new console, possibly earning favor with the oldest of gamers who actually remember the ancient wooden consoles back in the old days.

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed this news in a special interview stating “We’re back in the hardware business” and that the console would be based on “PC technology”, a vague declaration that has naturally spawned various theories attempting to deduce its significance.

The announcement video:

Due to the name of the YouTube channel for the announcement video and the teaser website on which the video can also be seen, many believe that this new console may be called the “Ataribox”, though there has been no official confirmation on this.

Unfortunately, little else was revealed about this console and some are having doubts about whether it will be able to compete with other consoles on the market, let alone emulators – although the success of Nintendo in recycling its old consoles may indicate otherwise…

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