Namco Bandai “Will Open Virtual Reality Arcades”




Namco Bandai have announced that they will be opening a virtual reality arcade in Shinjuku sometime next month, certain to be regarded as the next step-up in gaming and bound to have some wondering if similar arcades will be opened for VR games of the adult sort, possibly in dimly lit Internet cafe cubicles…

The two-story arcade, known as “VR Zone Shinjuku”, will be 3,500 sq. meters in size, boast over 15 virtual reality titles and even possess a food court, additionally utilizing familiar game and anime franchises (such as Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion) but adding a virtual reality twist on them to provide players with a brand new experience.

It has also been revealed that Namco Bandai plans to open several of these virtual reality arcades overseas as well, starting with one in London sometime this summer, which may possibly even revitalize the arcade scene in the west considering how expensive virtual reality headsets are.

An announcement of the special VR arcade and a brief look at someone playing a VR version of Mario Kart:

Advance tickets can be purchased for ¥4,400 and will allow buyers to play 4 different VR attractions, with additional attractions costing ¥1,200; those without advance tickets will have to pay an entrance fee of ¥800 and then ¥1,200 for each attraction – VR Zone Shinjuku will open on July 14th and exist until March 2019.

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