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Oculus Rift Founder Wants to Fund Re:Zero Rem IF Anime


Founder of Oculus VR and designer of the Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey, has demonstrated a sincere passion for the highly reputed Re:Zero as his latest Twitter post reveals his desire to donate money for a possible “Re:Zero Rem IF” anime adaptation – something that rabid fans would no doubt love to see as well.

Palmer Luckey (who sold Oculus VR to Faceberg for $3 billion) tweeted at Re:Zero’s creator directly, asking if there was a way for him to donate and make an anime adaptation of the “Re:Zero Rem IF” side-stories a reality, which may actually happen considering the man is quite wealthy and has stated that he has received various messages due to this tweet.

Palmer Luckey’s tweet:


For those who have not read Re:Zero Rem IF, the story revolves around Subaru and Rem running away from the city and starting a family in the countryside, a premise that was alluded to in the anime and one that many of Rem’s obsessed fans want to see in anime form…

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