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    • Anonymous says:

      Your comment is shat tier trolling, there are all sorts of professionally talented or untalented Touhou fans, be them desirable, undesirable, or delusional.

      But do go on with shat comments you just assumed, from comments in various articles recently, I know most of you have no idea what different lifes or subculture lifestyles are like in Japan, nor do you have Japanese friends from Japan, or even just people from a lot of other places. You just believes in fake news about those others, while fully support the same of greedy el presidentes who is against fact-based truthful “fake news” that is not pro-him.

      Don’t worry, for Americans, with FCC on NN, now you will get that not only from your cable, but from your “freedom” internet too.

      Neither have most of you made life-or-death decisions, nor make-or-break million dollars decisions. and some of you are not even anime or manga fans, while most of you are just into a few titles, which you will “prase out” eventually, and ends up calling all manga and anime immature shat that have not been good since 19xx or 20xx years. From the time I can afford it by starting to work, I have digested manga or anime decades older than me, up until now, and most of them are very nice, except for some around late 2000’s to early 2010’s, not shit tier shat that is many comics, or the vast majority of cartoons that was the only thing on free TV or paid cable.

      Now you non-supporting lot just stay the F away from trying to ban Touhou and others as pedo in Japan, and send me, an abiding citizen to a few places, into jail in the West over foreign cartoons. This is sharia law tier shat in the so called “free” world, and I can’t watch some nice titles with absolutely no gore, nudity, sex, or sexual suggestions in many “free” places, because it is banned.

      Can troll other “dirty” foreigners we fucked over for centuries with any and every subject they deemed precious under “free media”, but don’t you dare consume “badly-drawn doll” pictures we deemed jailable. You sure you lot are into manga or anime? Or are you here for nudie “japs and gooks”? Or just Trumply or Hillaryly finding new shat to F with?

      Whatever, got Touhou or other titles I need to catch up on.

      • Anonymous says:

        And at least one drag queen who had cosplayed Cirno can whip you troll’s ass together, one by one, the last troll who trolled this cosplayer ended up shatting in his pants on a major live TV event.

        So do go on with your CirnoNN news and Faux news style titles.