Pokken Tournament DX Announced




A Nintendo Switch version of arcade game Pokken Tournament (also released for Wii U) has been announced in the form of Pokken Tournament DX, which includes all the Pokemon combatants from both the Wii U and arcade versions and may end up proving to be superior – forcing players to purchase the game a 2nd time.

The rather strange semi live action reveal trailer for Pokken Tournament DX:

Pokken Tournament DX will make an appearance during Nintendo’s E3 2017 Treehouse live stream and will debut on the Nintendo Switch on September 22nd.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon = Nintendo milking the fans.

      Not to mention they’ve released the Switch but continue to support the 3DS. They’re not sending the right message or giving people a reason to upgrade. Even Sony dropped support for their best selling console ever with the PS2 to focus on the PS3. Nintendo need to call it a day on the 3DS.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem to forget that the last ps2 title was released a week before the ps4 hit shelves. The switch is only a mere few months old and the 3ds still has quite a few people playing it. Besides, a BW2 style sequel compared to a mere rehash like yellow, emerald, etc is welcome any day.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ports and remasters are a large part of the bread and butter of any developer nowadays. But when Nintendo releases a sequel, the babies go WAHHHHHH MOMMMY I HATE NINTENDO SOOOOOO MUCH MOMMY WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!1111

          I’d almost feel sorry for these people. Almost, if it weren’t so funny.

        • Anonymous says:

          I swear it’s like the ads holes are all on this site. There’s hardly ever a positive viewpoint in most of these forums. Nintendo said before the switch was even named that it was not going to replace the 3ds as a portable system and they will continue making games for it. If all the haters on here could get their facts straight before they speak that would be a great start

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! You fucking retard. Have you been living under a rock for the past 5 years? Remasters and re-releases make up like half the library on all consoles AND PC nowadays. A port of an old WipeOut collection was JUST released on the PS4 and everyone’s eating it up.

      Of course you don’t notice this because you’re too busy looking down jerking off to your own bullshit. Fucking pathetic. 😀