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Japanese Men “Can Now Get Chikan Insurance”


Japanese men wrongfully accused of being a chikan can now get insurance to cover their legal fees should they dare to protest the accusations, bound to relieve men who might otherwise be fast-tracked into a confession based on the infallible testimony of a woman on a packed train.

Those who possess this insurance are ensured immediate legal advice should they be accused of groping or other sexual wrongdoings, and contacting the insurance company will summon a lawyer to the incident location.

The president of the Japan Small Amount and Short Term Insurance company originally introduced this opportunity in 2015 following the popularity of a movie based upon a man being falsely labeled as a chikan, though few initially signed up – it was not until recently that hundreds of people have been seizing the deal on a monthly basis.

The insurance costs about ¥6,400 (about $58) a year and only covers the lawyer’s fees for the 48 hours after his summons, although this might be viewed as a small price to pay for a avoiding potentially career ending conviction.

Fortunately it seems the insurance payout is unaffected by the success of the defense – although it may only be a matter of time before women have access to chikan counter-insurance and the whole situation spirals deeper into absurdity.

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