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Nagoya Threatened: “Ban Women-Only Trains”


Nagoya City’s council has been threatened by an anonymous individual demanding they “end women-only trains”, a threat accompanied by packages containing a strange yellow liquid.

The packages came with a letter demanding that women-only trains be removed specifically on the Higashiyama Line of the municipal subway system during weekdays (with the sender seeming to have all but revealed their identity with such a specific request), though the containers filled with an unidentifiable yellow liquid (described to be foul-smelling) serve as the strangest part of the threat.

Other locations (such as Nagoya City Hall and every station along the Higashiyama Line) have confirmed to have received similar packages in the past, with the letter contained in these new packages stating that the Nagoya City council became the “next target” due to the previous locations ignoring the threats.

Police are said to be investigating, but have no clear leads as yet – and the nature of the crime seems unlikely to improve the image of those who would rather see actual criminals apprehended in place of gender segregated public transport.

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  • Anonymous says:

    what are you talking about, we want to grope women in trains… can you see? this plan is perfect, we just kill some politicians and then they allow us to grope women in trains

  • Anonymous says:

    The women only train is not only a drain of taxpayer money, but also tells the World that women need to be treated as children, who can’t look after themselves. I would understand if it was minors most affected, but even then the problem can be solved other ways then having a segregated train.

    • Anonymous says:

      They do make the subways a living hell though at peak times.

      Men receive the sardine can treatment while 1/10th the # of females could lay down on the seats they have so much space.

      Same for the bathrooms, the men’s side is 1/10th the size of the women side and is even shown in a lot of the “FUCK THIS GARBAGE~!!!!” type of complaint posts quite often.

    • Took me five whole minutes to come up with a solution that is fair and not a drain on cost.
      One offer more departures and encourage employers to stagger shift times to reduce crowding at peak hours or two offer a slightly more expensive business class ticket with roomier cars where everyone gets a proper seat.
      If the cars are not packed like sardine cans chikan would be a lot less likely.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only way to offer more departures is to increase the station size and add more platforms and that’ll cost a lot of money.

        More trains alone creates a risk of collision as well as creates queues at the station. You can’t just increase the number of trains going into a station because you want to. All trains are spaced out in an already tight time interval (like 3~5 mins per next train) so I doubt you can shorten that anymore.

        Also I’m pretty sure they already have a business class cart. Hong Kong has them so I think they do too? Can’t remember. Been awhile since I was last in Japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      If it’s paid for by tax payer dollars than it is a complete waste of money and people who don’t want to pay for the exclusive cars should demand a funding cut for the transportation authority.
      No funding to burn they’ll have to spend their money more wisely.
      If private boycott them if possible though in Japan this may be difficult or expensive due to how their cities are laid out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thing is, some women rather jampack in a uni sex cart instead of using the cart made just for them (To be with their boyfriends / husband / male friends), leaving the women only cart next to empty. Where’s the logic in that?

      • Simple inefficiencies in utilization if the women’s only cars are half empty while the others are mostly full then the people riding in the exclusive car are costing the operator more money than those riding in a full car.
        The average ticket price would have to be higher to offset this or a higher price would have to be charged for riding on a women’s exclusive car.
        I suggest taking a note from the airlines just add a business class car for those who want extra space and avoid chikan attacks.
        This would be more profitable than a women’s only car as a lot of salary men who have higher paying positions would gladly pay extra to be guaranteed a seat they can sit down in esp if a small tray and outlet is included they can use and recharge a laptop on.

        • Anonymous says:

          There ARE limited expresses every 15mins with $7.5 seat reservation fare. But those women arent stupid to pay some money for their luxury, instead of snatching it for free ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Anonymous says:

        how about a special station worker, who drives away inattentive men? additional fares, when you cannot get into your train and have to reserve a seat in express? maybe it doesn’t directly goes to taxes, but it’s just the same. those women should pay for their pleasures with own wallets.

      • Anonymous says:

        Trains must be fully utilized, passengers want more space and not be crammed like sardines. If you haven’t gotten where I’m hinting at, then please refer to what Shaolan said.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well since women are little better then children it seems like a fitting thing to have. Goes well with the reduced sentences for crimes, the reduced standards for pretty much anything where women compete with men, the blatant sexist favoritism involved in any legal dispute between a man and woman. Given women the vote was like giving children the vote. It’s all been downhill since.

      If this was the west all people would need to do to end this practice though is get on the woman only train and scream “DON’T ASSUME MY GENDER SHITLORD!” if anyone dares to say anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    Now the real question, is that guy upset because of the double-standard (not having men-only trains) or is that some sicko who wants to openly molest woman in japanese trains… My thoughts towards the latter.

    • Not to defend threats, but AFAIK not all women use dedicated cars, so the end result on a train is mixed cars overflowing with people and women-only cars half empty. If so I could understand why this guy might be upset, as it is a real hassle and a waste of resources. The chikan plague must be confronted with a different approach. Or make all cars gender separated and admit defeat.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just put cameras on the cars.
        They don’t even have to be very good or even all real for that matter.

        Dedicated cars are far too expensive to even consider as a solution as you’ll end up needing excess capacity even if you made an attempt to figure out how many of each car you’ll need.
        If one groups cars are half empty and while the other are being crowded like sardines then people will complain and worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      My vote is on the latter too
      the guy is a chikan (train molester) who wants to continue his dream of harassing girls/women with impunity, but he cant do that if the passenger car is female only, lol

      i hope he is arrested and thrown into a female-only train car with them having sharpened metallic high-heels

    • Anonymous says:

      You dont know what you are talking about ๐Ÿ™‚ Even old people couples avoid those cars. Fat, ugly virgins, who arent even treated as women, but think of itself highly are using them. Just raise a ticket fare for them like trice.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, I live there, and see lots of that shit: an old man, enters that car and sits on one of priority seats, too far from any woman to bother. Immediately one of the “poor victims” yells at him “gtfoh, geezer”. When he tries to talk back to disrespectful brat, he faces infamous feminist’s solidarity.
          I’m glad, that some women can take their sweat time, but refuse pay for it. There are ltd expresses every 15 minutes with just 7.5$ for seat reservation. What, their safety isn’t worth it?)