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Booed Karaoke Man in Murder Rampage


An angry singer at a karaoke wedding party going berserk after being booed has gone on a murder-rampage which left one of his audience dead and others gravely injured.

The 44-year-old man was at a karaoke wedding party in southern Vietnam along with numerous other guests, where he joyously sang a song only to be immediately booed by the audience, with one man even coming on stage and forcefully taking the microphone away so that he could mock the poor singer – prompting the teased man to snap and viciously stab the heckler.

After the two men began arguing a third man then got between them and intervened, leading to this stalwart hero being viciously stabbed as well.

The mentally unstable stabber was quickly apprehended; many are assuming that the incident might have been brought on by alcohol, as previous karaoke-based murders (reportedly this is the 3rd this month in Vietnam) have been accompanied by intoxicating beverages.

The man who tried to stop the argument has since died, while the microphone-grabbing guest is currently still being treated at a hospital – with the event serving as yet another massacre started for the most absurd of Japanese inventions…

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