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FF VII Remake: “Never Mind, We’re In-House Now”


The Final Fantasy VII remake team has announced that they are no longer outsourcing their work and have instead switched to complete in-house development, bound to have those wanting to lend a hand in producing the remake for the “best game ever” highly disappointed.

Square Enix had recently released recruitment messages from the core staff responsible for working on the Final Fantasy VII remake, however, a live-stream for smartphone game Mobius Final Fantasy unveiled that the development team has gone in-house instead – almost as if in response to all the complaints.

Naoki Hamaguchi has confirmed that he is still the project lead, additionally stating that Square Enix now want to control every aspect of the game’s creation to ensure the utmost quality, which will surely have relieved fans considering all their recent expertise with both in-house and outsourced smartphone titles.

The Mobius Final Fantasy live-stream:

The Final Fantasy VII remake is slated to launch on the PS4 sometime further along this timeline.

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