Sexy Nishikino Maki Cheerleader Figure


Ravishing red-head Nishikino Maki has joined her busty friend Nozomi Toujou in wearing an appealing cheerleader outfit, possibly alluring those more interested in “pom-poms” of the more petite variety – Nishikino Maki can be adored by buyers come November.





Nishikino Maki can be pre-ordered now.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I hate cheerleaders.

    There’s a reason. See, my two older sisters were both cheerleaders, from a young age. As a young lad, our house would ring nigh constantly with the chants of cheerleaders, as the rest of the ‘squad’ would come over to practice. Long before puberty let me find any of them attractive, my sisters’ friends scarred me for life with the endless repetition, the chanting, over and over and over.

    I still have nightmares, decades later, of being six or seven years old and trapped in the house by the freezing winters, the chants of the damnable cheerleaders echoing everywhere… over and over… no escape. No escape.