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Koreans: Persona 5 OP “Has Offensive Shoes”



The previously unleashed Persona 5 has just now begun angering some Koreans over a rather minute detail present in the game’s stylized opening sequence, with the shoes of one character boasting what seems to be the flag of Japan on their sides – which some Koreans apparently regard as grievously offensive nationalist imagery from the hated foe.

The display of Japanese iconography in the land of Korea is often omitted due to the political conflict between the two nations, thus Persona 5’s OP on the official PlayStation Korea YouTube channel naturally enraged a handful of Koreans after a Japanese flag was discovered for a split second near the end.

The original Japanese OP with the inexcusable “Japanese flag”:

The official PlayStation Korea YouTube channel initially had the same video as the one above uploaded, but has since taken it down and put up a version with the Japanese flag omitted:

Despite all the ridiculous controversy, it has yet to even be confirmed if the character’s shoes actually have the Japanese flag on the sides or if they are just random red dots…

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