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Hinowa ga Yuku! “An Akame ga Kill Sequel?”


Akame Ga Kill mangaka Takahiro has revealed his next upcoming work “Hinowa ga Yuku!”, with the preview image being provided causing some fans to speculate that the series may be a continuation of Akame Ga Kill due to the presence of what seems to be Akame.

Hinowa ga Yuku! was unveiled in the June issue of Monthly Big Gangan magazine:


While it has not been directly stated that Hinowa ga Yuku! will be a continuation of Akame ga Kill, many fans are theorizing as much due to the fact that one of the girls in the preview image above seems to have the exact same attire as Akame and even has the cursed markings on her body that Akame suffered near the end of the series.

The newly revealed Hinowa ga Yuku! will revolve around namesake heroine Hinowa and her various battles throughout the eastern country of Wakoku, bound to guarantee readers a plethora of riveting fight scenes and – if the series is indeed a continuation of Akame ga Kill – a gratuitous amount of pointless characters, unnecessary rape and over-the-top gore to try and attract more buyers.

Hinowa ga Yuku! will make its debut on June 24th with the release of Monthly Big Gangan magazine’s July issue.

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