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Final Fantasy VII Remake “Now Recruiting”


Recruitment messages from the core staff responsible for the Final Fantasy VII remake have emerged via the company’s website, naturally causing concern online as to why the company isn’t using their own supremely talented designers – and also worrying some over the fact that they may have to put their trust in less experienced developers, to say nothing of why they are still recruiting when development is supposedly well underway…

Yoshinori Kitase’s recruitment message:

Business Division 1 is the section that is responsible for producing Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In 1997 we completely changed the gaming scene at the time with the worldwide hit that is Final Fantasy VII. And the remake of said masterpiece is Final Fantasy VII Remake.

For this project, we aim to surpass the original work in terms of quality by increasing the number of staff to strengthen the core company development as we head into the development progress phase.

In addition to myself, we have director Nomura, scenario writer Nojima-san, and more from the original Final Fantasy VII staff lineup that continued working as staff on the production of past Final Fantasy titles, and they are now joining the team one after the other.

How would you like to join us, together, in the Remake of Final fantasy VII? We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

Tetsuya Nomura’s recruitment message:

I believe that many of us developers share the same feeling that Final Fantasy VII is a special title. Twenty years have gone by and the number of generations that aren’t familiar with Final Fantasy VII is increasing, so we must remake the game using today’s technology and systems in order to make it into a title that can last several more decades.

Reproducing the world of Final Fantasy VII in high-definition requires an extraordinary amount of time and resources, so we’ll need all the help we can get to shorten that.

As those of you concerned with the industry may already know, the number of domestic staff is significantly lower compared to that of foreign high-definition developers. Therefore, in order to further strengthen the development of this title, we must urgently recruit as much staff as possible. By all means, please join us in delivering the world of Final Fantasy VII, once again.

Naoki Hamaguchi’s recruitment message:

With the strong backing from producer Kitase and director Nomura’s thoughts of wanting to make Final Fantasy VII Remake into the best possible product for the fans, it’s been decided that I would step into the role of development leader in order to strengthen staff structure.

From the pursuit of a new Final Fantasy game experience that can only be made through this remake, to the graphical challenges that come from the possibilities of evolving technologies—yes, we have everything that a creator needs to create in this here environment.

I promise you that now is the best time for creators to display experience and abilities, for this title with high expectations from around the world. The emotions I felt from playing Final Fantasy VII twenty years ago, that’s what I want to revive, as new emotions for the present generation. I’m very much looking forward to receiving applications from those of you who feel the same way.

Those eager (and experienced enough) may have a chance at joining the development team and aid in producing the rather crucial remake; the Final Fantasy VII remake will launch for the PS4 at some undisclosed time in the future.

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  • Anonymous says:

    “For this project, we aim to surpass the original work in terms of quality by increasing the number of staff to strengthen the core company development as we head into the development progress phase.”

    Sounds like they shouldn’t bother hiring as the quality does not improve with graphics alone. I hope they can re-define the jrpg genre but I just don’t have any faith.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did you see that list of FF15 potential DLC choices people can choose from? Lots of aborted storylines and sidequests. Likely assets already in the game. So you’re paying for shit already there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Heres a thought guys…
    They haven’t worked on 7 remake at all since the last announcement and were sitting on their fat ass spending money and when it was time to work on it again they couldn’t afford their top designers because they probably are working on how to delay kh3 even further so now they are outsourcing work to the less experienced. Square is such a shit company now that they take 10 years at a time to release half assed games like ff15.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was, back in 86, when they where working on the last game they would ever work on, they only had money for one last game before declaring bankruptcy, and since they opted for a Fantasy style RPG they called it Final Fantasy, as in their Final Fantasy, the game was a huge sucess and saved the company.

  • Anonymous says:

    It goes to show that Square Enix are either one not competent/confident enough in making another solid main Final Fantasy title which meets the level of expectation of the previous installments in the golden era (including FF7 itself). Another possible reason is that they’re scared of making it another 10 year development game and need to get things rolling with this. The issue with this especially with recruiting “other” help is that we risk quality especially of a well beloved title of the franchise and honestly so far I think it’s fair to say that most are scarred with the FF15 experience. Such as waiting so long for such a lukewarm game. Honestly I wish the best for Square at this point because they’ve been less than impressive with their more recent FF titles but for now it’s easier to lower the expectations by a lot. That way you save yourself from using too many rectal cream and bandages on the amount of butthurt from the “possible poorly” made game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly, I’d be perfectly fine if they just left them at this point and spread people out to other projects until they can find the real drive and passion to do another one that isn’t just for the money like the last few feel.

      Maybe do some more work on the side series like CC and Tactics (most of both having only been on Nintendo systems and not only is there the Switch now, I’m sure people with other systems wouldn’t mind playing one).

      Hell, maybe even just give some people over to help the companies they publish for. Maybe putting them in with a bunch of devs they don’t normally work with would help them find whatever it is they’ve lost.

  • Anonymous says:

    “we aim to surpass the original work”
    …Surely because they can
    Over budgeted project that will have a lot of publicity
    Most likely you’ll only like it if you like crisis core
    too bad Hironobu Sakaguchi is not making RPG for pc or a platform that receive that genre better

    • Anonymous says:

      oh well good luck with that. if they want to surpass the original FFVII they will need to stay as close as possible to the origins, especially do not alter the story! basicly only graphical improvement is allowed if they include several new minigames that should be fine. if it doesnt go that route the fans will tear them apart :3 pretty arrogant to make promisses like surpass a Legendary-class game also because you never know if a game gonna be a hit or not, the market is random

  • Anonymous says:

    For the shit they gave him with the shakles of prod behind and 6 years of bullshit by this piece of shit Nomura, tabata did better in 4 little years than most Devs of triple A games.

    This is a bad news, this was predicted, but fanboys rules and fanboys destroy every good product.

    This is not their fault but the public.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s always their fault. They’re the ones working on it. It’s up to the creator and stick with a vision he knows will work rather than to give in to the whims of others. This is like not blaming the devs for Duke Nukem Forever. Of course it’s their fault. It’s always their fault.

      • Anonymous says:

        They’re also the ones taking the damn project into such a completely different direction. Know what FF7 needed to be? More like FF7 and not closer to Type-0 or FFXIII-3. They’ve chosen to go with a wacky ass take on their “remake” as well as changing some of the scenes. They’re adding more work onto their plate so what the hell did they expect? It to just happen for them?

  • Anonymous says:

    Anybody that has worked in the game industry knows that a studio hires more people when the game is in development and continues to do so.

    this comment by sankaku:

    “worrying some over the fact that they may have to put their trust in less experienced developers, to say nothing of why they are still recruiting when development is supposedly well underway…”

    shows a complete lack of understanding how the game industry works. It cycles staff constantly, especially when a game is finished a large portion of staff are laid off.

    This “cycle” of hiring more staff and then laying them off after a title is finished is standard practice…