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Raving Mad Pervert “Bring Back Barefoot Schoolgirls or I Kill!”


Threats to kill schoolgirls if their school did not force them to go barefoot have led to the arrest of one particularly addled pervert.

Over the past year, the 48-year-old man man had repeatedly called the same school in Munakata City, Fukuoka, asking that the uniform for its female students be amended to involve going barefoot.

Police finally opted to do something about the perverted pest after he made threats to “kill any student he sees wearing ankle high socks” – with the school implementing security measures after his twisted call.

Accused of “interfering with the running of the school”, the man admitted to his misdeeds and stated that he “wanted barefoot high school girls to come back”, though many have pointed out that they can not seem to recall a time where schoolgirls ever went barefoot…

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