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Western Resident Evil Film Franchise Reboot Confirmed


Disgruntled Resident Evil fans celebrating over the conclusion of the highly despised western film series may be disappointed to know that the franchise is getting rebooted, possibly proving that the movies were really only about the money after all.

Martin Moszkowicz (chairman of the board at Constantin Film, which owns the movie franchise) confirmed that the Resident Evil movie series is indeed being rebooted, naturally causing hardcore Resident Evil devotees to hope that they will be drastically improved, though considering Hollywood’s record in both reboots and video-game adaptations this seems rather unlikely.

The series consisted of six films, all of which starred Milla Jovovich – who will not be starring in the reboot – and were produced by her husband Paul W.S. Anderson, with Anderson’s participation on the reboot being regarded as “open to question”.

Considering the final movie managed to secure the most profits of the entire franchise, the decision to reboot it was likely inevitable – six new films are reportedly on the way, potentially giving angered fans yet more reason to complain and further reinforcing the fact that Hollywood seems incapable of adapting Japanese franchises.

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