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Ayumi Hamasaki Losing Hearing in Right Ear


Tragedy has struck singer Ayumi Hamasaki as it has been revealed that she is slowly losing hearing in her right ear, eventually yo leave her completely deaf – bound to destroy the poor woman’s further career and naturally upsetting her hordes of fans as well.

During a recent checkup, the 38-year-old Ayumi Hamasaki found out that she was slowly becoming deaf in her right ear due to it overcompensating for her left ear (in which she had completely lost hearing in 2008), unsurprisingly upsetting the woman greatly as her entire life revolves around her singing career.

An infection in her left ear (contracted during a tour in 2000) had doctors advising Ayumi to steer clear of loud noises as her ear recovers, however, her dedication to her craft saw her back in action after refusing to postpone any of her tour dates – eventually leading to her becoming deaf in her left ear in 2008.

Despite the dreadful news, Ayumi has decided to continue performing as she has stated that “the stage is where I belong”, a courageous/foolhardy decision no doubt earning accolades from fans.

Otaku may best know Ayumi Hamasaki for her works present in Inuyasha, Onimusha and Tales of Xillia:

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