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Sankaku App 2.6: Hands-Free Slideshow-Time

Monogatari Series Oshino Shinobu Illustration by Lucknight

A mysteriously requested feature is seeing the light of day in the form of a hands-free slideshow for version 2.6 of the Android edition Sankaku App, though why anyone would need this mode nobody will say for some reason.

The changes:

New slideshow feature: Press the menu button when viewing a post to use it.
Three timers: Length of time before the next post is displayed can be set to 5, 10 or 20 seconds. Animated posts will play fully and repeat if they are shorter than the set timer.
Hands-free: When in slideshow mode the device will always stay awake, avoiding any possible hassle
Bug fixes: Sundry bugs have been executed.

The update is available for all editions of the Android app: Black, White and Idol, with iOS to follow soon.

Questions or suggestions, complaints or comments, all are welcome!

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