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  • Anonymous says:

    the whole show is the definition of boring and foreseeable

    just terrible, the characters had potential, but…. the brother who ignores the biggest problem that his sister is a shut in and does shit about it,
    and the plot development wich can be seen from 3 episodes before already…

  • Anonymous says:

    Fanatics huh ? Everone how viewed a picture of OreImo is able to make the same comparaison without any help. When Kirino was splitted between Sagiri and Elf, Murasama is just a copy-pasta of Kuroneko with a different hairstyle

  • Anonymous says:

    You two are just too harsh I have not seen truly original anime since 1998. Since then it is built on fanservice and by that I do not mean only pantyshots etc. If you got problem with it, why do you even bother to watch contemporary anime? For example I do not see how Madoka was so original and why it is so praised. Sometimes we got real gem like garden of words, but hating on anime series based on fanservice… why do you even bother watching it in first place?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s true that there are few if any “original” anime coming out (what could be defined as ‘original’ anyway?). Personally I love loli fanservice shows, but even I’m a bit bored with this one.

      It’s not the visuals, which are great. It’s not even the story line itself, which while nothing special isn’t horrible or anything either. For me it’s mostly a pacing issue. The main (clueless male) character meets his main writing adversary towards the end of one episode, and by the end of the next has defeated her in the contest AND had her confess her love to him and been rejected by him, all while everyone blathers about their dreams. One episode. It’s not like they need to cram all that into one episode because all the rest of the story is just bursting out of all the other episodes (thus far anyway). It’s like they’re “writing by numbers” (instead of painting by numbers) — “oh”, they say to themselves, “we have to have the mysterious beautiful sempai, so let’s knock that out in episode 7, done, great, what’s next on the list?”

      Personally I’d have more respect for the show if the main character (I can’t even remember his name) bought a large full-length mirror and made his little sister do the erotic poses she wants to draw herself, while he’s holding the mirror for her and whacking off behind it.