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Boy Brutally Battered “He Didn’t Call Us Sempai”


A boy brutally beaten for refusing to call his seniors “sempai” has been inciting sorrow and outrage throughout Japan.

A 20-year-old man and five boys ranging from 16 to 18 were arrested by Tokyo police after it was discovered that they had brutally assaulted a 15-year-old boy due to his heinous crime of “not showing respect”, inflicting injuries on the victim that would require one week to heal.

Before the beating, the victim was apparently kidnapped by his senpai’s gang and taken to a nearby park where they then took turns beating the “disrespectful” boy – a video covering the incident:

All the assailants involved admitted to their crimes and have been charged with assault, with the criminals stating that they beat the victim because “he doesn’t greet his seniors” and “due to his brazen behavior” – with perhaps the biggest question being over how police ever came to be involved in all this.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I once read a story about two Japanese guys working at a company who were very close friends, until the older one stabbed the younger one to death with an umbrella for not addressing him respectfully as an elder.

    Likely a rare case, but I guess it shows that anybody can snap for stupid fucking reasons.

  • If I was this guy, I would quietly endure, without telling anyone… I would let some time pass for the things to lie down and be forgotten a bit… then I would hunt those scum one by one, when they are alone with no witnesses around, when they least expect it, and kill them with no mercy. I would make sure to cause as much pain as possible and letting them see my face as they draw their last breath.

    Or something like that, you know…

  • Anonymous says:

    If i remember this topic was about the young kid being influenced by anime, . As ever bully knows, if you beat someones head and face you clearly asking for police involvement. the older generation or more traditional people value greetings even if you do not want to associate with people

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s cowardly that people attack a lone victim in a gang. It’s like they need the numbers to feel secure enough to behave like an animal.

    Saying that, when I was a teenager, through no fault of my own I found myself in a fight with three people. I won said fight, but as I was the only one left standing at the end, the teacher initially came down hard on me before the truth came out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lucky you, I did the same on multiple occasions to protect some chaps, or some girls who were just being teased retrospectively recalling, but I and the other parties gets reprimanded, this is in one of those schools where an A- would get you a beating from the teachers if you are expected to get an A. Seen a poor boy who get hit a hundred times until he bleed, because he was not very smart. I had also bled for getting an A-, but I have weak skins. Even recalling everyone in the class gets hit, because one time most kids becomes distruptive and noisy when the teacher was away. Everyone including the quiet ones like a few girls and me. But collective punishment was needed because we were training to become cannon fodders against them reds.

      In another school in another country on another continent, I did the same against three out of a crowd of gang, and I was not finished, but my friend stopped me and agreed to fight another bullied boy for the crowd’s entertainment. I can not be there for him 24/7 and he was targeted becaused he became my friend. This was one of the best schools in the country, in terms of national testing grades and athletic prospects, with some of the bullies becoming business leaders who cheat, and some of the bullied becoming education leader trying and failing to make things better. Many of our teachers were masters or olympians. Whatever, some of lecturers later on in Unis are nobel prize recipients, or folks who can remember the names and faces of hundreds of new students every year, in one day.

      Both these places are some of the “best”, “friendliest”, “mannered” places in the world just like Japan, in terms of various qualitative rankings in life quality, economy, etc. And one of these country beats other much larger countries in hard contact sports.

      At least we don’t get to see some of the weak behaviors in some anime with weak punks, no one messes with girls, except other girls, not because boys can’t physically, but because any boy who does that, gets pounced on by every other boys, and deservingly so. Looking at you Hana Yori Dango, other shojos, and some series. That said, with modern extreme femnazis taking over some of the faculties, who knows what is going on nowadays.

      I am still thankful for free gym and martial arts lessons, it did not changed the result and the punishment, but at least the lone survivor kicked them gang of preps real good. Most of those gang types can’t hang in a day worth of training, and I was able to lift a light car or lift 80lb+ of weights with two fingers later on. Too bad I don’t have some anime girl’s body, since they don’t train extra hard in the details, yet they represent many of the hardest badasses in their worlds. We have to pick up the slacks left off by others in our real world, in forced marches and in a lot of things. We are just different in the real world.

      Anyway, in some manga and anime maybe targeting this punkpussy demographic, those sort of weakass behavior gets promoted. But at least they make decent manga or anime. Looking at you Beelzebub, Shonan Pure Love Gang, (GTO prequal) Yu Yu Hakusho, Jojo, Adesugata Junjo Boy, etc.

      The harder gangsta among some of these shatheads goes on to become the likes of Akira Takaoka, equally useful and useless in actual wartime combat, either melts or commits war crimes or becomes organized criminals, knew one or few like him from some lower tier elite unit. A F-ing disgrace. Others goes on to lead their people like Aerial Shiron or Moon Jae-in, or make their society better, or enjoy their life, including one or five turning from a large hardass into a slender trap, good for them, anything is better than to become a further stain useless leeching criminal, not even a hard one at that.

      Maybe they have an excuse if they came from hard lifes themselves, however plenty came from that life too, and never becomes the same shatheads.

      Whatever, retarded brain fart is over.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is sad, but it shows that even in such supposedly civilized nations like Japan there are still people who think so highly of themselves that any disrespect is met with violence.
    Surely his injures must have been minor to only take a mere week to heal, but even so, there is a point where you have to ask if such a thing should have happened in the first place. If you get disrespected that doesn’t give you the right to attack someone. This ADULT and these older students have dishonored themselves acting so much like spoiled children. Someone should get them a pacifier.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a friend that his parents are Japanese but he grew up in a my country.When we graduated from middle school his parents announced him that he is going to attend at Japanese high school,so he can practice their language(he barely knew some words) and learn more about their culture.

      So after the summer break he went to japan alone(he staid in his grandparent’s house).He really didn’t like being there,with know friends or anyone to talk to,he didn’t like the food and the house he stayed.One thing that surprised him there was that in Japan schools start in April instead of September.Anyway til then he tried to learn as much as he could Japanese etc.Another thin he didn’t know was that in Japan they use honorifics(His parents almost all time talked the language of my country and never used honorifics).

      When he started going to school he was again surprised by many things,like the school cleaning is done by the students,that most of the students are terrible at speaking English,that they have to wear a school uniform and special shoes inside the school etc.

      Anyway he barely passed the fist few weeks there but then some third years got a bit angry with him because he didn’t use honorifics or the word “senpai” when talking to other people(especially the older ones).
      So a group of 3 guys walked near him an at some moment one of them “accidentally” knocked over him and wanted him to apologize,he didn’t apologize because he knew that they where doing it on purpose.

      Then after school when he was walking back home,the group of three with a few more of their friends tried to beat him up,but fortunately they were stopped by a retired police officer who was living in the house right next to the place where these delinquents tried to beat up my friend.At the and they were arrested and expelled from their school.

      Now my friend is studying at Japanese university and next year when he will get his diploma,he will return back at our country and have a big reunion party!

    • Anonymous says:

      Seniority has always been a great excuse to abuse someone, since it’s the most easily established jerarchy ever. Heck, this is neither rare nor the worst case seen, not even this year!